Molfix Pants Size 4 Jumbo Pack (56 Counts) X 3

SALE: N10000.00
(Regular N10200.00)

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MOLFIX as a brand keeps striving not just by the continuous provision of happiness for both mother and child, the brand strives on innovative solutions to also continue to ensure the comfort of mother and child. For tomorrow’s happiness, we sought ways to look at both mothers’  and babies’ and. Convenience Freedom Comfort Our answer to mothers’ Convenience and babies’ Freedom and Comfort is the New  MOLFIX PANTS!

If you are a mother (a working mum or a work- from- home mum) who wants convenience, who is tired of the diaper- changing- wars, or who simply wants her baby to have more freedom to explore and to potty train?  You have your answer in MOLFIX Pants.  Happy today, Happy tomorrow


Key Features

  • Hey Mum! It's easy to wear just like your baby's cloth panties
  • Easy to Remove 
  • Skin Friendly approved
  • Airsoft Technology: Soft breathable waist and body System.
  • Color-Changing wetness indicator 
  • Comfortable and Flexible Central elastic system 
  • Anti-Leakage elastic barriers 
  • Double Absorbent Area"